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  • Contest Winners Announced!!

    Contragulations to Gunther1974 for 1st place in our clan contest! He has won $50 in gold!!

    Also, congratulations to Canadian_Assassin and Global31 who both came in 2nd and have won $25 in gold!!

    Many thanks to Backslash for making this contest possible!!

  • RageOfWind Accepts Asgard Commander Position


    RageOfWind has accepted the Asgard clan Commander position. He will be in charge of organizing training to help Asgard members reach their potential! Please give him all the support he needs!

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  • Listen to the Call!!

    You want to better your gameplay? Want to be chosen when a team is formed? The #1 way to better yourself for teamplay is to listen to the call! Whatever the caller tells you to do, do it and do it NOW. Don't think about how you may be killed, or don't move because you have to reload, or any other reason. This is by far the number one way to play yourself off the team. So please, above all else, listen to the call and pay attention during the match!

  • Earn Gold!

    FishWagon, our CO, frequently has monthly "contests" where you can earn gold! Earn gold in various ways, depending on Fish's mood of the month! Past contests rewarded gold for resource earnings, recruitment goals, attending training, etc....


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